Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Insipid Die Spin

Some fated exigency addax darts sorry fancy insomnia
in a clear pool in a wicked stamp thistle cue on pixellated
anti-million composite preview
stranded word entry endangers
aplomb when achievement abrades, lexicon accuteness been of late, complexion triggered topoi
unbearable glom bachelor
Albertal cross-use largely
impermeable, apt July spins 80-20 rule, two ifs.
isolate indecents
and the hole thing leeks, courtesy spin-off
  • professes lobster order
  • notes two-sided

+ bashful barrister + acridid agreed on + 12-step stupas +

forgo more prefix + favouritism + blazed perukes

one stands four

only steeply,

all escapism

also persons .....................................................in hills

  • once Meine Geliebte
  • sagt:

answers of joint necessarily betrayal at time and a half, policy arranged same by first name and highways, taken mutually, a deserve,

an askew

my noncontagious overlaps,

initial animals signalled

indestructable, induced.

- as by kicking

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Homecoming Mono Chime

()()()()() under-
()()() mine
() page-
() dis-
()()() counts
()()()()() demo-
cratization()()()()()()()()()()() the
be-()()()()()()()() the
quest()()()()() the
quest-()()()()() the
ion ()()() the
before isle game, a long weighs off
supposition, cloak and Daguerre
innocent porch rail (a zoomed I'd entity)
3, whose blouse
3, blows whole
3, as Meine
3, Geliebte
3, sagt:
()()()()() head-
()()()()()()() lines
()()()()()()()()() am-
()()()()()()()()()()() end-
()()()()()()()()()()()()() ment, no pretty musical smile?
-(osteo precocious)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Guest Edited, I Tug Steeded

I-dash, O, Nads Ash-odd, I an S: left ion, right ion
***************************** elf not I, or gin hit
--------------------------------- site treason, elf-logged web-lab
I set nor seat, fell dog, gee, B&W, a B.L.
*****************************nothing ton tee, tone hinge not T-
Mobil, O boy, Conrad, in Dickens: bile sin, cock-dar, mon
**no duh---instead, wisteria: cup O' hackeysack,
nod uh, in S.T.E. ad, wis, Teri, ya cue, pock ha sack***********O, sac, to be a
bet, effed queso: sod, pequod, equine hocks: sock-hen,
ah nut, shovel,
*********& Meine Geliebte sagt: ine co- tines so-cal lactose sin,
(**no zuppa your papa**)
& total
--to be or robot E

Friday, August 19, 2005

a Neopolitan no-no I pelt

open leviathan
an evil neo-path
I valet on a phen-
ol via the penna
contour specific
if to concur spice
given that Meine Geliebte sagt:
1. teeming____
2.evening _____
2. hat tags____________
1. I beetle_________________________
-in a scarf fran├žais

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Two Eaglets' Stag Towel

25cent widescreen ()()()()
oscillator ()()()()()()()()()()()() frivolity
()()()()()()()()()master-viewer in
roto-relief()()()()()()()()()()()()........................a sunny

(in Tunis)
(or cave)
or orc's

diploic folds' rough imaginative, skyward and frictionless dongs
pursues disc 2 a dictation
fugs pupils and draggles a duple through fog, pupa-puddle
though I don't see it
clupeid dusk I pull for, shallow time and date of dishonesty

or evacuated
arc, twosomes

bad news is I yclept, good soon sons an iritic, coot to look up to
when innate picul, a loaded
programme in balloons, the friends are numbers anyway, bulbuls.
The lit channel saddens
the laddled bonheur, soddens the paddled bowyer in chastity's smog.

  1. -----------------------(saddam's mouth)----------------------------------------------
  2. ----------------------(on lawful fingers)------------------------------------------------
  3. ---------------------(wet amateurs)-------------------------------------------------
  4. --------------------(at clinamen)-------------------------------------------------------

but some

talent begs us, though Meine Geliebte sagt:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i rap forgotten science^^^^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fried memorial cadence^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

^^^^^then mammals again^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

-High Dingo Sihk

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ground Xerox's Paradox's

crater ------------- crater
creator --------------------- creator
creature ------------------------- creature
cheater ------------------------------ cheater
chatter --------------------------------- chatter
Chartres --------(steve mccaffery)--------- charter
Sartre ---------------------------------- quarter
sutra ---------------------------------- quester
kurta ------------------------------ defter
kefta ---------------------- drifter
kraft ------------ dinner

Thursday, August 11, 2005

get militia-legitimate

call up the all sorts tribunal---------
when haggard Beulah screwpins wed----------------
the saccharine account picks favourites
------------------loosey-goosey cross-ice sequester
-------handpicked emergency science anew
dozing aptly on the lawn front
(at which point dismantling tenters tread unhandgunned, fried chicken murals a 36-month lease)
simplistically, Meine
----------------Geliebte sagt
------------------------------at toothless
  • Old French
  • to Boom
  • & Bust
  • Face
  • Fir
  • st

-assise of Assisi (ie. an arsis)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Maggot Got Game

to do result
hasping robin, low___mortgage divinity
whilst carpal Gehrigs jerk_________greeks around the guages
_________________quirky tugrik traders gut
______wrench episcopal.
do gerow
Though surely
1. Meine----------------------
1. Geliebte sagt
1. in periphery----------------
settle alliance, rely
(---------------------------on antler seance really)
-company accepted

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Redeem Unremembered Number

"defrost thick escape, copper impregnated metrical counsel
1. hair let down ex-pyramid batch
"challenger lifts, fruit of the mule
1. ultimate something called readable software
long-term dismantle rigged glossary digest"
in terms definable sets THAT'S just LIKE you (1.
deserted reactor-clipped wheel in known climate"
hullaballoo raised to pitch I won't forfeit (1.
(struggled-with clone so upset preparation
  • ultimate time-lute homologous procession (?)
  • l
  • ()
  • ()
  • l
  • l
  • ()
  • l
  • when no implicationist latches to plenary printout, Meine Geliebte sagt with some reward:





-Brik's Ochre Brackets

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

SOS (ie. impossible blimp)

  1. carrying moments
    people suffered

    crash from Paris had
    crashed, commercial

    passengers overran
    international vice

    president of the ground
    was a ravine thought

  2. the end of it=========
    was panicking=========

    into area=========
    that passengers with passing=========

    said injured passengers=========
    passengers were minor=========

    believed they had=========
    landed with relief passenger=========

  3. started oxygen==================
    to calm passengers==================

    you can calm down==================
    pouring in==================

pouring rain==================
passengers exited==================

into the weather==================
just called passengers==================

  1. ================an escape ravine
    ================after the plane

    ================a crash stopped
    ================and told us to jump

    ================time after poured
    ================vehicles, water

    ================on television
    ================called crash

  2. =====plane made
    =====hug and good kiss

    =====taken to passengers
    =====later passengers

    =====ones crashed
    =====service magazine

    =====popular safety
    =====conclusions probably issued

  3. airport indicates
    potential for planes

    extreme landing
    can happen anywhere

    land elsewhere
    crash renewed

    out of the sky
    crash raises

  4. ======crash dealing
    ======research installed

    ===========airports in installing
    ===========installed dangerous kind

    ===================descending from last
    ===================major part

    ==============================of the crash

  5. related aircraft manufactured
    and flown by

(--(--(--(--in whose windshear Meine Gleibte sagt:

remind the cool look, much more inside + little girls control the faded lockout + the structure's missing amulet directs apostles inward + put-out by postured zepplin light + asking to know less, minature cones goofed in draughts.

-Etobicoke Fallout