Wednesday, August 03, 2005

SOS (ie. impossible blimp)

  1. carrying moments
    people suffered

    crash from Paris had
    crashed, commercial

    passengers overran
    international vice

    president of the ground
    was a ravine thought

  2. the end of it=========
    was panicking=========

    into area=========
    that passengers with passing=========

    said injured passengers=========
    passengers were minor=========

    believed they had=========
    landed with relief passenger=========

  3. started oxygen==================
    to calm passengers==================

    you can calm down==================
    pouring in==================

pouring rain==================
passengers exited==================

into the weather==================
just called passengers==================

  1. ================an escape ravine
    ================after the plane

    ================a crash stopped
    ================and told us to jump

    ================time after poured
    ================vehicles, water

    ================on television
    ================called crash

  2. =====plane made
    =====hug and good kiss

    =====taken to passengers
    =====later passengers

    =====ones crashed
    =====service magazine

    =====popular safety
    =====conclusions probably issued

  3. airport indicates
    potential for planes

    extreme landing
    can happen anywhere

    land elsewhere
    crash renewed

    out of the sky
    crash raises

  4. ======crash dealing
    ======research installed

    ===========airports in installing
    ===========installed dangerous kind

    ===================descending from last
    ===================major part

    ==============================of the crash

  5. related aircraft manufactured
    and flown by

(--(--(--(--in whose windshear Meine Gleibte sagt:

remind the cool look, much more inside + little girls control the faded lockout + the structure's missing amulet directs apostles inward + put-out by postured zepplin light + asking to know less, minature cones goofed in draughts.

-Etobicoke Fallout


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