Saturday, February 25, 2006

hypostasis atop shy sis

why don't you come my Yemen home,
chewy outcome owes a wooed theonomy
and woodcut chutes hymn through the enemy comedown,
for you have been summoned, unfed and homonymous
unfavoured boheme unmoved in the subhuman money;
a honeybee behooves the mooneyed mom
and all your friends are habit,
Baudelaires north fairly, infrared
an unreadable history airlift
in your fury ultrafashionable
as Arabia's unrifled helotry
hones blurrily asafetida,
feudalisable nitro
in a horns-tail.

)))))*))))))*))000*)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*yet Meine Geliebte sagt,
))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*harebrained alloy
)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*some solitary ratio,
)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*and sourly a threadbare.

-sinai rehydratable

Thursday, February 16, 2006

as epicentre rest in peace

for Barbara Guest

midwinter errata bags the coughed-up Spring air
as a tuba barrages the debugged star
and auras beg the barest abuser's sub-USA.
why has her beta-tablet grabbed no beau
while braggarts argue of usage?
in brute rage Meine Geliebte sagt:
as sugar begets bursar
on aruba's glib aster
be my guest, be my sabbat Bayern.

-tripe seance

Sunday, February 12, 2006

i envisage flour's various feelings

ask of your dingaling, fail you, gorgonian dusk,
folksinging god's gang on a goodly skidoo?
unfairly asking, forgo you the gunky islandia?_________
sugarloaf dinky afraid in the yukon safari_____________________________
it's been so long since diagnosing frau__________________________________

yet the same could be said of adoring the funky galois
_____or knifing aloud by the primrosed and uglified age
___________unkindly asking, figaro langour okay signorina?
___________________________________fakir's uniroyal saloon unsoundlingly ago

so Meine Geliebte
fairyland diagonal, you ask of me again
|...asian roofing again...|
|..aura's kindling again..|
|.gaul's deKooning again.|
|.........though again.........|

-yore play-sore "mein"