Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bök Bargains: Y-Eye Left (Banks a million)

"Deladle" de l'Adella on Adelaide
enables daedal daredevil, rival de vil diabla (on fire)
as Mr. m'aidé veers a freer frère
pours vrrrrrrr (on pavement) to New Haven'ts' "sos"
sous les outils
T-dot lentil-hula on spear-street,
tea-being de la Théâtre (what belongs to US)
and Loch Ness nothingness around us
wherein theremin whistles: rourourourourourou
A'ND-minotaur St. Louis pick-up-Bros.,
steer-hands on their Euros, it's time.

for Meine Geliebte sagt:

prescriptions rip decisions-pricked positions, which hour at all times (pour lis m'aide).

-tendrily lint-ryed

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

eRros Salivate

Duschamponieren_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}an idle fox box-kept in its peek-a-boo lather
Duschumelst}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_octagonal of commerce, I indent your gypsy whistle
Dustadt_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}block on block, the kilowatt scrounges...for your teething esprit? your elixir?
Dustampft)})})})})})})})})})})})}the hacksaw's cleat you eschew in the garden, Rottweiler en garde
Dustolz)))))))))))-------))))))))))))---------offish blinking the head-high perusal, the edified parasol safeguard
Dustand"}})}"})"})"})"})"})"})"})"})"})"})brakishness dumbfounded, your legs in the stammer-kite. today
Dustandardisiert+++++=============groping noone's personal, the hullabaloo sensing's crept-through

upon which, reflected, Meine Geliebte sagt:

  • Wax & Stax
  • FAQs & Iraqs
  • Macs & Compaqs (version tu.pe.lo)

-eighteenth paddle-lip (the elder)

Friday, May 20, 2005

American Spoon and Lyonization

stylate puppies, from whom you tuet
from whom you eschew luke etuis
a bascule you groom with the deuce you intuit
a fenster's ebullient carp of its window

  • then
  • Meine
  • Geliebte.....................................................................
  • sagt:
  • to fluster the punster's ripped zest.........................................................................................

-Es thé L'ouder

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sensodyne 5 Stars

Polarium fatigue I dig it, the day resolves to do it
Moderator places it, that way I'm apt to do it
Places come to think of it, and servitoid to do it
You don't know the heft of it, my discus says to do it
Section parcels dopple it, d-d-d-do it doooo it do it

  1. and Meine Geliebte Sagt:

  2. Detroit to adroit Metro-Droid
  3. *

-Start-Up Aphid

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Gonchar whistles nomenclature cowgirl:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

Compucius renders static goods a Limey:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

Electors in Gibraltar glib tarphonics:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

Surely surly Shirleys hurl a swirly:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

She'll be cumin, a rounded Mao-ten when sic'ems:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

Dumpy Huberts BBQ a glum thing:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

Waiter Water Wasser Wessi Wussie:
sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei sergei

[whereupon Meine Geliebte sagt

Carpe Diem
Carp Die
Arp, I


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Heart Freaknik Oughtology

Burning bush accuses deafening jag of hijinx and killing-spree.
"^^^^^ """"""""""^^^^^^^"^"^^^^^"^"^"^""^"^""^^"^"
the Spree runs colder than cylinder-days.
"^^^^^^ """""""""""""""^^^""""""""^"^
my defense is my robot, whoart in heaving, whoart not yet rybald and fayre.
^"""""""""" ^"""""""""""""""""^"""""""""""""^"""""""""""""""^"""""""""""
Academicity slices through sleuths. The Jews go through here who are nice.
"^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^"^"^"^^^^^^^^"^^^"""""^^^^^^^^^^^^^
My right foot is my defense, plock.
"""^^^^^""" ^^^^^^^""""""^"""
When I turn in the key, my two Polish rulers go jaunting, non-purgeable from the disk.
(then Meine Geliebte sagt:

Then we dance and bootify. Often Babylon.
Then we dance and bootify off in Babeland.

-many gipsy)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

RelateBibliogains & CopCadences

Laminated lime-mile mans the minaret, millions mill about. One line lions at the mint. How can man lament theramin in minutes? Lambs limit the rime, lonely smile wins Mlle. Sans-Bill. Sons then line the timed terrain in China, handsome cows...

(in China, the pretended enterprise tends priests interspersed)

(in China, spenditure rite is penis I depend on, pure nesting indicted)

(in China, Meine Geliebte sagt:

overseas investment cohabitation textile internationalism of our economy spirit processing feed manufacturer’s intrepid China cognitional process History and its methodological moral aspects (Chin.) Yan Lin pp.14-23 SEZs in Guangdong our country the urban-data spenditure deals simply this no easy China and north Wei Min March-April pp.21-30 household responsibilities People’s Commune (Chin.) commodity circulation 1982/No.1 agricultural Lin Zhong stale monopoly purchase Chinese Garden-Run Enterprise energy viewed from legislative economic (Chin.) combination in China as alive and Politics under twice (Chin.) unified plan the food-grain 1982/No.6 responsibility in Hui Long quota pp.50-54 New Guiding (Chin.) Principles by 100 households Tie Ying front-like capital, force types expanded for editions: Yugo., Roma., Hungary (Chin.). "stagflation" and the Law Zhao Ziyang GNP-creating life method on market development (Chin.) pp.13-20 set by 12th National China 1982/No.4 to promote growth tendencies in sixth (Chin.) five year plan territorial Lien Yu-chiu March life ownership and country OECD by state China pp.3-8 eco-economics training in embassy, theoretical Xu Yiking liberators landscape interior bypass strengthening 1982/No.3 notes on existing science socialist river- import the promotion of (Chin.) readjustment living pp.18-21 and conditions Chinese first (Chin.) forum engage plan more economic Mao Yunshi of mid-coastal earned income state Eighties economic achievements and transfers by population 1982/No.12 stepping up council China industry to Quan Chang growth practice set by destitute max. differences continues pp.27-53 year set-forth exchange internationalism birth some (Chin.) characteristics China geography estimated 5th NPC objective satisfactory technological co-operation and defense Tang Xien coastal area chronicles 1982/No.1 China ideological reflections (Chin.) finance communist registration important commentator (Chin.) pp.111-119 Chao Tzu-yang basic forms in renewal and obsolescence local descriptions 1982/No.9 conceptual China survey on public works Chen Wei-min (Chin.) archive distribution in relation to language NORAD during eastern Sun Jinyi reclamation societies 1982/No.10 China born decline comprehensive July to live strategy feudalization policy pp.12-31 absolute reproduce trade-values Chou Qihua yen realism alienation turning point in first class (Chin.) total populist freedom 1982/No.3.

-faculty of receiving)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Day of Fifths

Thoth yesters poly-gone minstrels in cover

today we are alive

one and one is five

ohms so long and miso thrive

the delight is ancient, and wherefor to Dover?

one can cry four-evers

the stutter, meine Geliebte sagt:


sleep in "A"-bouquet

-the passed-on fawn-life

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In More Make

Preliminary, hilt-posh tub-glint:

Die Wende

sends fen I recommend, the Broad Meadow filibustered, endorsed tier across himself,

  1. status
  2. ditsy

  3. duds

  4. Titus

  5. dartos

  6. daubs

  7. extra savings

  8. duteous

  9. dahs

  10. .

  11. tatu 12. dATP

  12. daturas 12. deets

Meine Geliebte sagt, favourite tubey, businesspeople in turned back, many airlines conference a Señor State, known for picking. The largest city in the hemi-


-two sun pogrom