Friday, April 29, 2005

Oppen Atom

spiel, deck-spritzer spells out draughts pell mell


hack-dairy fuselage revamps Sufi ruser


pluperfect ganjas describe their karyotic winds


co do diabla robisz


ingrain refurbish hot-trotting finessing endured


hip-check thyroid pollutionary cry-out hypnotic

(weil meine geliebte sagt:

my back is still whet

-court court

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

stutter picto bowls

...The ladness, the flap-wrist, the catches, the snake-pit (Slash's), I'm an angst's worm wherein the dog whimpers (thus the roman-comed wiegehts in any language, vacates in any languish, evacuates in any anguish) dumb-dumb up to know-good...

...and the big eve-ant? (meine geliebte sagt: la bouche, la butch, la botch)

In a word, letters...

the gallant

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

pontius pal·i·sade

p to the izzope

pope, wake up!

ye lemming of the pop-up wind-blow!

sunshine therefore i am not my shelf in this lyte-electro, my password primeval.

...pillow gorge
...logo deus wuss
...god loans his Trabbi
...cordial pillbox sushi-geode
...snafu gooner dies a battle-bureau

for the yurt in the sardine
for the blot in the redress
for the halt in the deterrent
meine geliebte sagt:

forty-thousand dinars don't save Skopje

-too a tee