Thursday, January 17, 2008

David Miliband to Russia: Drop

Now desert habit out of gesture, glad to be done with measures over ether, ballast to attempt, being single gourd replenish, thoroughbred gesture, rancid, unerring in the guise of truthfulness as wind kicks in unsettling the last idea before paper shreds under weight of full machine. In interview with Pound where I relinquish antonym to isolated parcel, gunslinger built out of positive equation bearing no room for soft, gentle, kind compulsive living. Friends go out the door to settle old score, statement laxative milks curt gerund, but who in the beginning was asked to immolate for the inclusion of all liquid states, what desperate eschatology far-flung over monk's fume, drills us in our sleep with credit, the melancholic attachments jiggling at the door discovered to be airlift centrifuge. The day that hustles forward spares no sniper's flute. We are neither here nor there. But imagine that this night's lisp comes out of nowhere...where does that leave us with our poems? To revile the guest with insult and calamity, pissed on because small and weak, bringing protest language from the placards into indoor context, giving new crowd missionary position. I've had enough of towering legacy and pewter video trial, kept off the internet in China now that business grabs me. If time is the first to go, so does pubic literature, so do humans leading decent lives in realist conference. When you get up for the bathroom, what kills you is your forbidden movie. Nothing is forbidden. Deselection and formidability will recant place to step foot into, space station where I sit and write on module nearby concept of loving for loving's sake. In fact, the empathetic is what's ethical and no two lives are worth considering if that means imagining another's frustration, the way it might be over time. That would be dogmatic and probably un-Keatsian. Morally rongwrong.

[Ad: The water used in Coca-Cola in India is free of pesticides, however, when the sun sets, the curved plates of the roof cast moody shadows across the floodlit facades, where Odinga has called for an internationally mediated solution to the crisis.]

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