Wednesday, January 25, 2006

supposing we could popgun euclid's sow

for Stephen Harper

arise, one-pound |@| Pepsico glucose-wisp |@|
as celsius |@| goes down on Poussin |@|
your closeups uncouple |@| pseudo police afterall |@|
and pendulous coupons |@| wig out |@|

the plow's cooped-up pocus |@| eludes a suede peso |@|
where winos |@| gulp undeployed dowels |@|
and sundogs |@| dispose of the gowned, unsold pupils |@|
o where can we |@| indulge in swooped Punic |@|

and yes, sidelong England |@| dingles my poodle |@|
and cupid |@| secludes the swung populous |@|
and the cognised spouse |@| induces cupped owl |@|
before one owes pulpwood |@| to lupus |@|

in opuscule, they say, no cowslip |@| undoes pudginess |@|
and wounded pulses |@| snug no wooed delousing |@|
but Meine Geliebe |@| sagt: spew the souped gunsel |@|
be disc |@| to the scud in low cuspid |@|

-fortressy equation

Thursday, January 19, 2006

aura domed dude'o'rama

for Lawrence Giffin

|you should |see the privatized_______^^^^^and the right one
|hesitated, pulverized |migrants________^^^^^becomes a fortune
|that my |girl laments on Mars__________^^^^^for the right price

|smelly MARTA |coiners install_______^^^^^do you trust me
|perfect gymnast,| my girl on wheels_________^^^^^on instate canto

|slimy garments |trammel malign sky_________^^^^^can't find a reason
|all gods |creatures put to sound work________^^^^^^appoints axe cent

|I've got |a tape recorded allemagne______^^^when fever derives ill
|last but |not total button____________^^^from's Bono's reffed hellian

|sprained with |cowardly nascent tits_________^^^^evenflow cowardess
|the tannic |intake cannot incest tennis________^^^^^seizes the data
|ruby tube| stays put in Canton's nose_____^^^hers, the USSR abode

|for which |Meine Geliebte sagt_____^^^^for ramification:
|'ve got |yer nose, by basic consonant

-spastic tinstone in Ur-son attic

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Narcotic ID Song (according to INS)

for Dolores Dorantes

what the geraldine fibbers accept
what the casual iguana hearts accept*
i sip my dong in a causeway~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~
there is probably no prosperity with congressional enterprise
there is probably no gradation in mutual prescription
unless the coca siding (torn) drones on~@~@~@~@~@~@~
beneath the total sun we ravage one's moneyline
beneath the partial annulments a bride's innovation
drastic in their Congo unnoticing~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~
how is it possible then to love with just ordinary judges?
how is it possible to deny the freebie's singlest act?
shall Meine Geliebte sagt:~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~
(in refrain)
Saturday's condor annoints a subnation's bit taco
*diction iconic like a Tang-felled gnat only breathing

-only Nordic giant Co.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Fathers After Hours

===The mocked atlantica cites bloomed click-cantata------------>
as camelback action
told me to blackmail
NATO-bloc contact aid on acid===
(===His cameo continued my botanical mots until i take my clientele aback===)

===Ciao, combatant delta-licked coed
in tableland ballade===
===Don't call it a comeback, that makeable talkie,
that tectonic battalion
blatantly coding manitoba in its mint arousal===

===The acclaimed octal knob lacks anecdotal diet=== ->

===A cadillacer's bottled cola makes my condom leak tactical abdomen rocks===

<===Dekalb county's declamation mends the LSD catacombs akimbo===

===Conklin's donuts attacked and allocated
my bootlicked cock whose blacked claimant necks in nomadic balm===
===A cocktail mandate climbed the koala's natal boccacio, clanked in latin while metallic tobacco cloaked coital coaction===--->
===The comedian's condo ambled belatedly amid the zero lamb ballot===
===My cum kit battled during maniac o'clock===
good thing Meine Geliebte
sagt: other fraus strafe Sears in their four fou hearts,
<----"haste makes <----waste makes <----taste====="
-caw l'amie conserve à tif

Saturday, January 07, 2006

smote infrahuman hammers "fountain"

monster fauna)"""""" and his mentor ** moist with impurities
a saner)"""""" human motif mentions ** his infant amour
but it)"""""" all saunters in, faint turfmen and ** a furnished momento
the minuteman)"""""" hoists his mainframe to ** the animated earth

\\\\\\\\armenian fonts turned mush////////
\\\by the amateur hummer///

his thermos)"""""" shone like a ** mafia's innermost futon
and a)"""""" marathon amusement united ** with southerner she-men
nero)"""""" unshifted the humorists ennui, and ** there was theism
refashioned in)"""""" satan's farmhouse ** sonata, a non-shit


so for nation, Meine
Geliebte sagt:
go and unarm thy
art toilette
little huron.
-douche à MP