Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Revealed Today: Thin Laptop

In tune with the descriptions of perfidy and horror, lapping light at manhood's edge while alas the kingdom's tiresome walk is retrofitted into vogue and glam hysteria. At night times to think of Brian Wilson's pick, moving up and down the strings which he had at sometime earlier put there in disbelief of sex-trade, now all at once becomes a Freilicher or Bearden. Discredit comes cheap and hard to the waste of recitation, thinking planetlessly, fried on anti-psychotics because there is no one left to talk to about very old problems, lingering facades and famish, squeamish politicians drinking Powerade. We've all had enough. Time to think. Night yields oil discharge - wake up to find gas prices higher. How will I get to work? Get up at 4am, drive in the dark to plant, render  card and release new earplugs from air-sealed baggy, lift head to machine and move. Now comes the hard part. Unbiased occult of sound, register me for the managed utility of adventurous and torturous creativity that gives all to the family who come for it, dazzled by its prophylactic as water moves loudly through the pipes. Anything there is to be written of nails the omissions to our seats when Monday passes and Tuesday rolls on by and Wednesday seems to barely have happened at all while all the while you've been reset to YouTube erudition and containment disorder. That's alright. Better things to do with my time then vector images laying out in the streets with loose furniture and clothes that are useable still. After 8 Mile, there's no way to defraud ourselves of continuous application of morals, noting earth and all DeVry's commercial space and time. 

[Ad: implicit support in other words features of dissent forbids the 1983 publication of Imagined Communities from revealing all on public television, that is because television entrusts its own foreshadowing to ambient mechanics whose cynical return we are supposed to look forward to.]

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