Thursday, August 11, 2005

get militia-legitimate

call up the all sorts tribunal---------
when haggard Beulah screwpins wed----------------
the saccharine account picks favourites
------------------loosey-goosey cross-ice sequester
-------handpicked emergency science anew
dozing aptly on the lawn front
(at which point dismantling tenters tread unhandgunned, fried chicken murals a 36-month lease)
simplistically, Meine
----------------Geliebte sagt
------------------------------at toothless
  • Old French
  • to Boom
  • & Bust
  • Face
  • Fir
  • st

-assise of Assisi (ie. an arsis)


Blogger Renee Wagemans

I read a copple of your poems and I liked what I read so much
It all goes so well together the words and the layout

2:41 PM  

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