Wednesday, May 25, 2005

eRros Salivate

Duschamponieren_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}an idle fox box-kept in its peek-a-boo lather
Duschumelst}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_octagonal of commerce, I indent your gypsy whistle
Dustadt_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}_}block on block, the kilowatt scrounges...for your teething esprit? your elixir?
Dustampft)})})})})})})})})})})})}the hacksaw's cleat you eschew in the garden, Rottweiler en garde
Dustolz)))))))))))-------))))))))))))---------offish blinking the head-high perusal, the edified parasol safeguard
Dustand"}})}"})"})"})"})"})"})"})"})"})"})brakishness dumbfounded, your legs in the stammer-kite. today
Dustandardisiert+++++=============groping noone's personal, the hullabaloo sensing's crept-through

upon which, reflected, Meine Geliebte sagt:

  • Wax & Stax
  • FAQs & Iraqs
  • Macs & Compaqs (version

-eighteenth paddle-lip (the elder)


Blogger sheramariera

offish=affisch=affe-ish? standarisierte rottweiler olfactories core yam's vaseline serials. deutsche Tieren sind super. Mit ananas!

10:24 AM  

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