Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Heart Freaknik Oughtology

Burning bush accuses deafening jag of hijinx and killing-spree.
"^^^^^ """"""""""^^^^^^^"^"^^^^^"^"^"^""^"^""^^"^"
the Spree runs colder than cylinder-days.
"^^^^^^ """""""""""""""^^^""""""""^"^
my defense is my robot, whoart in heaving, whoart not yet rybald and fayre.
^"""""""""" ^"""""""""""""""""^"""""""""""""^"""""""""""""""^"""""""""""
Academicity slices through sleuths. The Jews go through here who are nice.
"^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^"^"^"^^^^^^^^"^^^"""""^^^^^^^^^^^^^
My right foot is my defense, plock.
"""^^^^^""" ^^^^^^^""""""^"""
When I turn in the key, my two Polish rulers go jaunting, non-purgeable from the disk.
(then Meine Geliebte sagt:

Then we dance and bootify. Often Babylon.
Then we dance and bootify off in Babeland.

-many gipsy)


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Bloppie, Lo! Ich mag diese Gedichte. Wand wand wand

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