Saturday, February 25, 2006

hypostasis atop shy sis

why don't you come my Yemen home,
chewy outcome owes a wooed theonomy
and woodcut chutes hymn through the enemy comedown,
for you have been summoned, unfed and homonymous
unfavoured boheme unmoved in the subhuman money;
a honeybee behooves the mooneyed mom
and all your friends are habit,
Baudelaires north fairly, infrared
an unreadable history airlift
in your fury ultrafashionable
as Arabia's unrifled helotry
hones blurrily asafetida,
feudalisable nitro
in a horns-tail.

)))))*))))))*))000*)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*yet Meine Geliebte sagt,
))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*harebrained alloy
)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*some solitary ratio,
)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*))000*)))))*)))))*and sourly a threadbare.

-sinai rehydratable


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fart fart fart fart

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Blondes have morphemes.

11:17 PM  
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