Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Fathers After Hours

===The mocked atlantica cites bloomed click-cantata------------>
as camelback action
told me to blackmail
NATO-bloc contact aid on acid===
(===His cameo continued my botanical mots until i take my clientele aback===)

===Ciao, combatant delta-licked coed
in tableland ballade===
===Don't call it a comeback, that makeable talkie,
that tectonic battalion
blatantly coding manitoba in its mint arousal===

===The acclaimed octal knob lacks anecdotal diet=== ->

===A cadillacer's bottled cola makes my condom leak tactical abdomen rocks===

<===Dekalb county's declamation mends the LSD catacombs akimbo===

===Conklin's donuts attacked and allocated
my bootlicked cock whose blacked claimant necks in nomadic balm===
===A cocktail mandate climbed the koala's natal boccacio, clanked in latin while metallic tobacco cloaked coital coaction===--->
===The comedian's condo ambled belatedly amid the zero lamb ballot===
===My cum kit battled during maniac o'clock===
good thing Meine Geliebte
sagt: other fraus strafe Sears in their four fou hearts,
<----"haste makes <----waste makes <----taste====="
-caw l'amie conserve à tif


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socks see newude sat isle,
mich on that socks seen sat isle

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Enjoyed a lot!
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Excellent, love it! »

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