Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i dress new weirdness

following in piosity's footsteps
============== and recovering the community
...==== I inundate less bilge
.....===== than an agreement
......======= pixie-bunned health care unit
====================={==== and answers' progeny forgiven
{====in the first instance, everybody
grouped, adept at groping an exchange
  1. Without recourse to pyrogen, Meine Geliebte sagt in a fire-hole:

fixed results (2. my implorers' revisioned maypole pins) down the dismissive marplot

(3. time for a swap)

[giveth]---------------------(3. no swap behaves like tirade)

[taketh]-------(3.the daring deformed, our high-culture stool)

- kerf ewes


Blogger Renee Wagemans

This looks great
You have a way of fooling around withlanguage

3:04 AM  

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