Wednesday, July 13, 2005

coy recovery revver

Today is Wednesday co-tile: Alsace & Lorraine
serpentile reluctation, pater-segment coils
  • instantly cold cutter, vehemently cuter, cleat recruit
  • there none clean cloot, cleft octave opal vest
  • Toluic visions vex tocol apparatus, anything gives in & there were are
  • hijacker quaffs killjoy's spincycle, cues his gaffe

Sensitive to cove, repeat and agnostical, there, in the ylem

  • myselves move out of matter

memory trident imposes other carriers

  • what's more

Licensed agreements date Pompeii,

  1. our covert archaeopteryx
  2. so Meine Geliebte sagt
  3. Here again for finish, hispid

heirships roll us.



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