Friday, July 22, 2005

in trods description epic

------------------------------------------------------implement tirade comeupance, I'm stunned by the conclusion's limp cough-up
(services, rectitude, and all is for it)--------------------------------
------------------------------------the law-rinsed griffins add their policy-wetter
(salvaging mark up ability dictation)-----------------------------
----------------------------------------witnesses proclaim me, the instant derivative I sulk to

When death suffers itself in watercolour disparity, hugs from behind. Positions are also invaluable in finding one's own reaches. Without confronting it, no maintenance occurs, no plagarist confesses to his theft, and when all has returned to the surfaces, the clowns retrieve their jackhammers and the laptops open to the gale.

  • consider
  • ///////
  • without
  • ///////
  • consideration
  • //////////////////erasure with no assure.

and while aware of no one's guise, Meine Geliebte sagt in love's ripe fortification:

  1. gospels grapple the gossypol epigram
  2. cripples compelled to their plaice


2. - alter psalmon


Blogger Applied Traumatics

Touching: your compassionate dream of conservative toffies - a little treatise on morals as to the treatment of animal and what this goodness can do for capitalism and on the possibility of the reclamation of the soul. I was a child philosopher, and now it is possible to save the world, only through subjecting myself to the most abject poverty. Death is the most important thing about my books. It has to be.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Carton Tragedy

but why?

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