Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tylenol-Let Lyon

  • (lost drugs nuance hilarity)
  • big bedrooms go for less
  • a hose
  • (at the gym, yes, one halfback)
  • along the basement wall, different faces referrent cafe
  • a whole six-pence once, let go, in apocryphal ingenue walked over, letting go the more rights near it
  • market congratulations, please key in
  • (badonkadonk anguishes ride seven-crowned appliances, one for each teaching)
  • (son of a)
  • riot guard, blank happened, the chime bedeutet das
  • for i have and give not
  • (the apt reptilian, finagled)

and Meine Geliebte sagt:

upon the verbal beach, in times of comebackness

i lose my eagle

  1. (trepidition)
  2. (secures)
  3. no possibility save the hyper and pre-applied
  4. - come again gale, High-C


Blogger sheramariera

Rocky roads high along the
orange juice scale of
doo-wop, feline.

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