Wednesday, June 22, 2005

pogo prologue rule

stuff set up to delight
stuff set up to pleasurp
lox lox lox lox lox lox lox lox
  • wavering target unsewn I get envious
  • yes to the market hell yes to Dubois
  • up for anything: penitence, drinks

pills sink swiftly in pink kiwi spit, pithy bird

papa swam laps at glass plant, calf attacks

no prosody, no boombox, no tomorrow to go wrong, Gordo

in the lop-sided peril, destroyers expose the vanquishing as thieves of serenity, faits accomplis indecisive where swords bequeath s-words,

in light of which Meine Geliebte sagt:

  1. forums dismantled by 3M's
  2. up-down
  3. cake

- portion Alsace


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