Sunday, July 03, 2005

Typical Yacht Lip

Supposing triplicate hunch
sprint block to poke around in
little glitch, high IQ bemusing some
no dart to fill it with

while somedays botch alone
militant diaspora nut hatched
with infamy attached, no nozzle
high above aspheric and in launch
snugly off mercenary wristband
everlasting dagger huffpuffs and ridges
without satiety, without a king fisher
to resound in jumped log-in
to sign stiff in, unresolved truism beach-head
fallacy frowns me in the boatling swallow
two not so's in foster equal rights
the sentiment derived from toothless forechecks, absolutes, indistinguishable bells where fossil fuel and bracket, sideways endeavours house-subtracted in bygone wheels, the push push push.
  1. to whom
  2. Meine Geliebte sagt: how now gentle
  3. tributary
  4. clips and magazines
  5. words
  6. - Nazarus Page Down


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