Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bhutto's Gift

Living arrangement that transpires out of media outlet mall, scratching pectorals with both hands while awaiting inkling of what to do next. Never had cull to city built up over choir, seen in Bay Area Best Buy on flat screen high definition ab, but carry it with me each and every day like a free scan of the weather or the cars after roadblock safety check erases Patrick's smile. Common answers throne chameleon aerial shot, divisions set in to party language, protection, clairvoyance. Near fine clairvoyant journals are the best we can proffer as to why this kind of paper thins more gradually than the manufactured automobile fabrics which stain with grease and liquified human parts. The ticker-news slows down enough - I'm ending today's breakfast with a crunch. Describe the way you dawn at city denture, bulk mail. A bad event happens to and is bent, pertaining to time, unflinching viability or else comes hand to approaching neck. A bad event for many miles of pillars or mainly quarrels. My sister goes to bed having taken pictures of the Deep South under snow. Goes to bed mute with harmless reason. The sunroof wraps around brick pillar when driver's head goes down dripping with perspiration.

[Ad: Somebody who is unfortunate enough to level evil, giveth the bequest on 60 Minutes, for that there is no one to vote for, the aim of this post is draft.]



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