Sunday, April 02, 2006

Even I Perpetrate Easy Representative Payee

for Rodrigo Toscano & Laura Elrick

[A]___________I'm mental health, Missy Elliot
[B]___________A lethal memo hints at David Lehman
[C]___________I lent him a hamlet neath the vet-lentil's anthem
[A]___________an illest hen for Kirk Hammett

{-}-P--------stay for a drink as i draft sky-noir
{-}-----X--------------with fads at rinkety Troy
{-}-------`------I fry dark tons for your frosty riff-carbon
{-}---------------wm---------------I rod for your Atkins, only better

to tonky `]0`]0`]0`]0`
`]0`]0Meine Geliebte

************forebearing perks
rev spring breaks**************************
not forever**********
=bangers= and= M*A*S*H= in= the= mornings=

-Black Metal jacket


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