Thursday, March 23, 2006

your reputation is a tenuous priority

doesn't seem to be any enjoyment
you're biting me +++++++++++++++++ as uproarious entity
a dalliance secluded +++++++++++++++++++ prevents gracious jumpstart
the onerous bad guests +++++++++++++++++++++++ in pituitary due date
you shirk your iterations ++++++++++++++++++++ and up yours the toy puritan
noone's inertia +++++++++++++++++++++ soup-de-jours
trouty parisian ++++++++++++++++ oui-ouis the toon suitor
you come for the atmosphere,
intuit Euro-

arouse the pried
tuition pity no teatro_____________________________________
the creme de critique,
that's your rape in our era_________________________________
and the router
you trope in tunisia_________________________________________

a sudden ontario
______________________________________________uterus yip
the purity user's
and I as a clip must now
_____________________________________________rainspout posterity
you could've been airport

and as the tuned suture, Meine Geliebte sagt:

eruption you, routine you, syria opponent
the noisy toyota unites us

-parrot autopsy


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