Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dissolved Parliament's Daredevil Platonism

fake duck weighs
a handsoming kabuki
//////\\\\\\\////////\\\\\\\\/\//////\why yes, providential damsels hiccup
(in tall tulips)-(spilt allen keys)

no one blends a hand
some cab (UK) i instantly install :-:-_:-:-:>salvationism peddler crowing home to roast with

and yet rhizomatical, I end the day with (why)?

and god in his chaise-lounge
and drag leagues in chinos
usage helicon where age sits still and lichenous
apalled martians dip down )))
>^>^>^>^>^----------make enough selicas
identities released, what time it is )))
>^>^>^>^>^>^>^-------------------------to sell, uncage
and now the key question )))
>^>^>^>^--------the goalie's angelic house
a glib era'll hot chocolate? )))
>^>^>^>^----------------------------------------------in lycras

steeped in bootcut workwear, Meine Geliebte sagt:

bandage ^>^>^> the nameless badge ^>^> a douche bag's ^> hostage elan

-paulie walnuts


Blogger sheramariera

An extra special nicety of Swooping Name, says I (hers a manacled I).

--Deine Mutant Ballyhoo
--Folgers Crystals
--Golfers' Stylings
--Pitch a tent for mutant unkept POP

5:47 PM  
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