Friday, November 24, 2006

Belonging Adulation Supremacy

for Anita O'Day

What? isn't it momentarily begin in ining
or ordinarily?

It star arts out so simple that way
it see eems to me

though who'd hardly remem em ember
how hot it was this time of year ear

be before ore
(this is all for the piano no no no no man)

losing sing all appeti ti tite
or orbit biting the pri ices

in Geor or or or or or
or or orgia


Blogger sean


I've got a predilection for elegies (or just plain ol poems about the reaper) thrown in a blender. Michael Gizzi's--"Vita Ova" from My Terza Rima, and "N.B." from No Both--both come to mind...

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous

To hear several random selections from Anita O'Day's almost 70 year recording
career please visit Yahoo Group
BillieHoliday_And_The_Disciples_Of_Swing where there is a pretty
spectacular tribute to Anita taking place.

4:49 PM  
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